We work with the best qualified doctors, teachers and trainers who are highly respected all over the world. We are absolutely open minded and are not scared of learning new things, since we know that this is inevitable for continuous development. We try to live our lives with open eyes and to see every new aspect that can be built into our progress.

Máté Várbíró

Chief Executive Officer

Máté has a unique sports career. He started as a swimmer, and reached his best results as a pentathlete in many international, world and European competitions. After completing his studies, he worked for the Ministry of the Interior’s special forces S.W.A.T. team in Qatar.  Now he is sharing his great experiences as a coach and the founder of Apollo Coaching and Services LTD.

Peter Kaposi

Operations manager

Peter coordinates the different courses and supports the work of the CEO. 

Dániel Angyal

IT specialist

Dániel is responsible for the technical support and marketing materials connected to Apollo Services.

Dr. Judit Faludi

Anatomy teacher

Teacher at the Hungarian University of Physical Education and former national team member in scuba diving and karate.

Dr. Zsófia Mészáros

Psychology teacher

Teacher at the Hungarian University of Physical Education.

Dr. Márta Szmodis

Nutrition teacher

Teacher at the Hungarian University of Physical Education.

Lilla Erdei

Nutrition specialist

Nutritionist expert.

Sándor Puskás

Fitness trainer

He is the leading fitness coach of the Hungarian National Ice Hockey team for all age groups.

Among others he took part in coaching development courses at Phoenix Coyotes NHL team.

Dia Fejes

TRX instructor

Qualified TRX suspension and personal trainer.

Péter Pribélyi

Aquafitness instructor

Since 2000 Peter offers high quality aquafitness trainings and education of instructors.

In 2008, he was awarded the title of the Hungarian Master Trainer for AquaGymstick, and has developed the Gymstick Rehab Concept.

Gergely Borbás

Endurance trainer

Hungarian Hockey Cup winner hockey player.

Coach of the MKH Budapest supply team.

Sensei Pál Németh

Self- defense instructor

4.- dan Kyokushin master

Sensei Németh is devoted to the different types of martial arts since the 1970s.


Sophie Tölgyessy

Life and marketing coach

Sophie is a certified life and business coach, trainer and consultant, running her own coaching business successfully.