We collaborate with FBI academies, sport institutions and other organizations providing us well equipped places to get the highest level of education. We organize both indoor and outdoor courses. Our programs are held at several different locations including track and field athletic centers, swimming pools, obstacle fields, gyms and indoor sports halls.

Apollo Coaching and Services office

Csalogány str 55, Budapest, Hungary

Our modern office is the centre of our theoretical lessons. 

Elmű sport field

Home of our athletic, coordination and aquafitness trainings.

Methodical center

A well- equipped fitness hall with the newest machines, which is also home of the Hungarian National Ice Hockey Team’s trainings.

Seiken Dojo

Self- defense training center.

Oxygen Wellness

One of Hungary’s nicest gyms where we organize our additional trainings and wellness programme. 

Holmes Place

For those who are looking for more of a challenge, you may visit this amazing gym with high intensity sports equipment and facilities.