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Apollo Coaching and Services LTD is a sports consultancy agency dedicated to organizing sport camps, courses and events. We offer trainings and courses in several fields such as self- defense, management and coaching development. The water polo, fencing, soccer, tennis, swimming and handball camps we offer are to help improve the talent of junior sportsmen. Included in our programs are comprehensive endurance, fitness and agility trainings and courses; not only for junior sportsmen, but coaches, law-enforcement officers, soldiers and participants from the private sphere too. 

Beyond these programs life- coaching, coaching- and leadership, as well as language learning trainings and courses are to improve the skills of those interested.

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We work with the best qualified doctors, teachers and trainers who are highly respected all over the world. We are absolutely open minded and are not scared of learning new things, since we know that this is inevitable for continuous development. We try to live our lives with open eyes, to see every new aspect that we can build into our progress.

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H-1027 Budapest, Csalogany str. 55, Hungary

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